Marathon Shuffle 2006 – 47 starters (25 full / 3 half / 19 other)

On Saturday, April 29 PRPAWS, together with the Powell River Hiking Club and the BOMB Squad hosted the 13th annual Marathon Shuffle. Though most of the record number of 47 participants was hikers, about half a dozen were trail runners. Ean Jackson of North Vancouver, and Dennis Morgan of Kelowna set a new record for the 29 km long Sunshine Coast Trail section from Malaspina Road to the Shinglemill in 4:08 hours, and shared the brand-new Marathon Shuffle trophy.

Running conditions were ideal, dry, with cool overcast skies, which turned sunny by mid-afternoon. At checkpoints along the way, volunteers that also provided an out for those needing to exit provided participants with drinks and nourishments. The majority of trekkers covered the distance in seven to eight hours.

Some hikers completed a Half Marathon Shuffle, starting at the Sliammon Lakes section up Wilde Road and enjoying a more leisurely pace. Spring flowers were out in bloom, and one group of hikers saw a trio of baby bears galloping off into the bushes. At the finish, all were treated to refreshments at the Shinglemill.

Ean Jackson4:08
Dennis Morgan4:08
Val Smith5:13
Eric McClinchey5:18
Roslyn Smith5:18
Bill Price5:22
Lita Biron5:37
Gail Swanson5:42
Richie Tait5:59
Alex Combe5:59
Eagle Walz6:14
Garth Munro6:47
Pat De Leenheer6:34
Sydney Morgan6:34
Bruce MacDonald7:39
Anne Innes7:39
Mary Miller7:40
Anita MacDonald7:42
Shirley Zylstra7:42
Robert Innes7:42
Anne Combe7:44
Phil Kemp7:44
Mardi Lavertu7:44
Ali Taplay7:44

Half Shuffle from Wilde Road:

Erik Jackson4:06
Johanna Jackson4:06
Sibylle Tinsel4:09

Other participants who signed in:

Jane Edwards
Ben Edwards
Harry Edwards
Lars Hawkes
Anne Marie Leenheer
Judy Morrison
Scott Glaspey
Margot Glaspey
Susan Hainstock
Mia Jongkind
John Wegner
Rick Friesen
Garry Friesen
Janet May, daughter with friend