Start photo at the Marathon Shuffle 2011
2011 start photo

Marathon Shuffle 2011 – 78 starters (42 full / 31 half 5 other)

On Sunday, April 17 nearly 90 participants gathered for the 18th Marathon Shuffle. The event drew hikers and runners from as far away as Denver, Colorado, and Kelowna, but the vast majority came from Powell River, many of them first time participants. This was the best turn out we have ever had, and the sunny day surely had something to do with that. Some early flowers were just beginning to appear, but as far as reports have it, no one went swimming this year.

Over 50 registered for the Full Shuffle, while another 35 began the Half Shuffle at the Wilde/Tomkinson road crossing. A few shuffled but did not sign in.

The Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society (1992) with help from the BOMB Squad and local hikers hosted the annual rite of spring. In preparation of the Shuffle nearly 1000 new red aluminium square markers were installed all along the Sunshine Coast Trail section from the start at Malaspina Road to the finish line at the Shingle Mill. The new large kilometre markers and wooden directional signs also augmented these and made it easy for the shufflers to stay on the correct route.

Each year some approach the event from the point of view of smelling the orchids and stopping for pictures, etc., while others like to do it as fast as they can. A great number of shufflers provided positive responses in regards to the experience, but some wished that Scout Mountain at the end of the course were rather less challenging.

Many of the shufflers commented on the excellent condition of the trail, and how the new marking made following the trail easy. The support stations also impressed them. About 20 support staff were stationed along the way in six locations and at the finish line, supplying water, juice, fruit and even cookies and chocolate bars, plus smiles and encouragement.

This year Shelley Armitage ran an amazing 3:31, eclipsing the old record by 27 minutes in the Women’s Division. Alston Miller clocked a blistering 3:01 and claimed the Tom Mills trophy for fastest overall time, coming within four minutes of breaking the shuffle record set two years ago by Kevin Sigouin.

Prizes were donated by Alpha Outdoor Adventures Store (basket of recreational items to Steve Merrick of Gibsons), Shingle Mill/Capone’s Cellar (Garmin wrist GPS 305 to Graham Kerr), Marine Traders (gift certificate to Alex Combe), Behr’s Massage (half hour massage to Lisa Skinner) and PRPAWS (XSNRG video to Kate Cooper).

Trophies for the three fastest times in the men’s division went Alston Miller, Steve Beck, and Kevin Sigouin, and in the women’s division they went to Shelley Armitage, Saravie Brewer and Valda Smith. Medal recipients in their age and gender groups were Byron Fader, Scott Fisher, Wayne Brewer, Tony Rice, Raimund Guse, Charlotte Styles, Maralie Brewer, Wendy Thomas, Trisha Thomas, Jill Brewer, and Christie Lepitre. Nadia Morrison received the trophy for the most leisurely shuffler this year.

Please let us know if you find any mistakes, wrong times, distances, misspelled names, etc. Some Half Shufflers did not sign in at the start and are missing from this list. Please contact us to get your results up.

Bib #NameAge GroupDistanceGenderTime
44Alston MillerFull 30-39 MFullM3:01:17
12Steve BeckFull 50-59 MFullM3:18:03
45Kevin SigouinFull 30-39 MFullM3:18:04
38Byron FaderFull 30-39 MFullM3:24:30
31Shelley ArmitageFull 30-39 FFullF3:31:26
56Graham kerrFull 30-39 MFullM3:55:05
48Saravie BrewerFull 20-29 FFullF3:57:00
22Valda smithFull 50-59 FFullF4:06:48
35Jamie BurtFull 30-39 MFullM4:14:22
28Rod PerraultFull 40-49 MFullM4:14:22
29Tony RiceFull 40-49 MFullM4:14:22
15Scott FisherFull 50-59 MFullM4:14:22
21Victor SarnowskiFull 50-59 MFullM4:57:08
49Maralie BrewerFull 20-29 FFullF4:58:55
4Wayne BrewerFull 60-69 MFullM4:58:55
23Wendy ThomasFull 50-59 FFullF5:05:40
36Aaron DovauoFull 30-39 MFullM5:08:21
30Trisha ThomasFull 40-49 FFullF5:08:21
3Jill brewerFull 60-69 FFullF5:29:50
13Diana BloomFull 50-59 FFullF5:37:55
11Eleanor SinclairFull 60-69 FFullF5:37:55
14Georgie BrewerFull 50-59 FFullF5:38:49
6Alex combeFull 60-69 MFullM5:51:28
26Meghan McAllisterFull 40-49 FFullF5:57:10
34Karin BurnikellFull 30-39 FFullF5:57:58
42Christie LepitreFull 30-39 FFullF5:57:58
46Shay WilsonFull 30-39 MFullM6:00:08
43Angus MclellanFull 30-39 MFullM6:00:09
9Ron SellersFull 60-69 MFullM6:11:50
18Suzanne McBrideFull 50-59 FFullF6:43:22
19Tom McBrideFull 50-59 MFullM6:45:23
50Raimund GuseFull 20-29 MFullM6:45:24
2Charlotte StylesFull 70+ FFullF6:55:12
41Emma LarocqueFull 30-39 FFullF6:57:40
25Matt LarocqueFull 40-49 MFullM6:57:40
7Murray DobbinFull 60-69 MFullM6:58:27
16Ellen GouldFull 50-59 FFullF6:58:38
71Shirley ZystraFull 50-59 FFullF6:58:58
1Ann InnesFull 70+ FFullF7:00:22
8Phil KempFull 60-69 MFullM7:20:45
10Penny ShillingfordFull 60-69 FFullF7:21:45
27Nadia MorrisonFull 40-49 FFullF7:34:45
17Mardi LavertuFull 50-59 FFullF7:34:45
68Bobbie WarmanHalf 20-29 FHalfF4:37:30
78Grant FindlayHalf 30-39 MHalfM1:37:00
77Lisa SkinnerHalf 40-49 FHalfF1:54:50
51Diana CaldaroneHalf 20-29 FHalfF1:59:54
76Rosalyn CulosHalf 30-39 FHalfF2:02:54
59Suzette NarbonneHalf 40-49 FHalfF2:03:00
58Steve MerrickHalf 40-49 MHalfM2:03:00
57William LanglandsHalf 50-59 MHalfM2:12:20
54Tricia CoxHalf 30-39 FHalfF2:16:23
66Kenneth TaylorHalf 30-39 MHalfM2:41:27
52Jessica ChilesHalf 20-29 FHalfF2:42:05
32Danielle BratsethHalf 30-39 FHalfF2:42:05
83Shana MarfellHalf 30-39 FHalfF2:42:05
69Adam WatchornHalf 30-39 MHalfM2:42:05
84Meeker HoweyHalf 50-59 FHalfF2:42:05
82Doug BrownHalf 50-59 MHalfM2:42:20
64Lynda SowerbyHalf 50-59 FHalfF2:43:20
73Glen HigginsHalf 50-59 MHalfM2:43:20
75Sandra MoralesHalf 20-29 FHalfF2:59:35
74Elena SenilovaHalf 40-44 FHalfF2:59:35
24Russell BrewerHalf 40-49 MHalfM2:59:35
60Nicole NarbonneHalf 50-59 FHalfF3:06:53
80Sarah LanglandsHalf 50-59 FHalfF3:06:53
65Elise StathamHalf 20-29 FHalfF3:07:55
79Josh StathamHalf 20-29 MHalfM3:07:55
53Kate CooperHalf 50-59 FHalfF4:00:29
85Doug CooperHalf 50-59 MHalfM4:00:29
55Brad GaebelHalf 20-29 MHalfM4:37:30
63Karen SkadsheimHalf 40-49 FHalfF4:50:15
62Suzan RoosHalf 50-59 FHalfF4:50:15
67Eagle WalzHalf 60-69 MHalfMSweep
47Ashley BoldenFull 20-29 FCustomF
40Hilary KempFull 30-39 FCustomF
72Laura SegouinFull 30-39 FCustom (first half)F2:20:57
5Anne CombeFull 60-69 FCustomF
70Doug HudsonFull 60-69 MCustomM