New Hut At Confederation Lake

Confederation Lake - new hut

With the completion of the Golden Stanley Hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail in the spring of 2016, PRPAWS applied for, and received, funding from the Powell River Community Forest (nearly $50,000) and BC Parks (nearly $5000) to build a replacement cabin at Confederation Lake. The original cabin at Confederation was constructed more than 20 years ago under the auspices of Forestry and was in dire need of replacement for the safety and comfort of SCT hikers.

Confederation is a beautiful 2-km-long lake nestled in a large, high bowl of Mount Mahony within a remote corner of Inland Lake Provincial Park. It is a favourite spot with day and through-hikers on the SCT, and we anticipate that this cabin will be well-loved and well-used.

How did we do it?

Confederation Lake new hut - work crew
Confederation Lake new hut work crew

After pre-building large components such as floors and walls for the new cabin and outhouse in town we assembled crews of eight or nine volunteers willing to rough it for a week at a time. PRPAWS began constructing the cabin beside the lake in July, scheduling four additional week-long expeditions spaced through the summer and fall. We finished building the cabin near the end of October. Its walls and ceilings are fully insulated and paneled with locally manufactured red cedar tongue-and-groove boards. It has a small pellet stove that will heat the cabin but requires pellets to be brought from town. They can be acquired by donation in smaller quantities at the Powell River Visitors Infocentre at 4760 Joyce Avenue, or purchased in large bags at local building supply stores.

Besides building the cabin, PRPAWS also constructed another composting toilet, replacing the usual Parks’ throne. The new toilets have two large adjacent composting chambers, one of which is in use while the other one is inactive. When the first one is full it will be closed off and the second chamber will be used instead, giving the first one the chance to fully compost. Since these outhouses are aerated they are quite a pleasure to use!

Confederation Lake huts new and old
Confederation Lake huts: new and old

We are most grateful for the donations we received to make this project possible, and for the cooperation between the City (who owns the Powell River Community Forest) and BC Parks. Many thanks to all the people and organizations who have supported this enhancement of the Sunshine Coast Trail. “It takes a community to build a trail.”

Thank you.

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