PRPAWS Year End 2017 Report

Happy New Year to all from all of us at PRPAWS, the builders and guardians of the SCT:

Your PRPAWS 2017 Board – Benjamin Fairless, David Bedry, Don Krompocker, Dustin Villeneuve, Emily Walz, Emma Larocque, Greg Rebane, Jim Stutt, Monty Drake, Scott Glaspey, Wesley Bingham, and Eagle Walz.

Plus there are the other hands-on Trailday members who contribute to create and maintain Canada’s longest hut-to-hut hiking trail with its huts, composting toilets, campsites, bridges, picnic tables, benches and other infrastructure, all volunteers also:

Don Krompocker, Howard Bridger, Parker Maclean, Neil Baker, Wayne Andrews, Keith Laughton, Caroline Stoddart, Susan Olsten, Andy Davis, Mark Johnston, Mark Fletcher, Margot Glaspey, Brian Johnston, Gordon Kennedy, Brian Lee, Ken McLeish, Mike Cawley, Douglas Cooper, Sam Ward, Louie Tom, and others who are ready to get on the new Waiting List.

See you out on the Sunshine Coast Trail some time in 2018. Enjoy in good health and good humour.

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