Elk Lake Hut was built by the local ATV Club and qPAWS in the spring of 2011 — and it was one of the fastest to go up! This hut is nestled amongst trees at the edge of the elongated Elk Lake, which has a swimming dock to enjoy during the warm summer months. Blueberries abound in late summer and fall; great for early winter skating.

Elk Lake is located in higher climes, and it’s a little harder to get to than some of the other sections of the Sunshine Coast Trail, but it’s worth the effort – winter and summer. Because it is remote, it seems all the more untouched. It’s a special place to spend a clear, starry summer night!

Elk Lake Hut At-A-Glance

  • 110
  • 10
  • Partially-open shelter
  • Outhouse, picnic tables, fire pit, sleeping loft, swimming dock

Why you should go

Elk Lake is a great destination in any season — in summer it’s a wonderful place to swim after a challenging climb; in winter it’s located in the middle of snowshoeing territory! This hut is a little deeper in the backcountry, but it is still do-able as a day hike, and the views you get of Horseshoe Valley along the way make it all worthwhile. In the late summer this is a great place to gather wild berries.

How to get there

From the junction of Wharf Street and Marine Avenue drive north, then turn right at the traffic lights on Alberni Street and drive uphill to Manson Avenue. Turn left on Manson, and take the first street to the right, Cassiar. It turns into Yukon Avenue. Follow Yukon to Haslam Street and make a right on Haslam straight up the hill to the first fork. Keep right on the Haywire Bay/Inland Lake tine, staying on pavement until you merge with Duck Lake FSR 3477 Br.2. Continue 4 km to the south end of Duck Lake (N 49°50.925′, W 124°26.871′). There, turn left and head east over the Lang Creek Bridge for 2.7 km until you reach the next junction. Keep right on Br.3 for another 2.8 km to Granite Lake Main Junction (N 49°50.587′, W 124°22.710′). Turn left on Granite Main and four-wheel uphill for about 4 km until you come to blocked Washout Creek.

Park, cross the creek on foot and hike about 2 km, passing Granite Lake until you come to a fork. Turn left across Hotdog Creek and to another fork. Keep left again. After a short distance you will come upon another junction, the start of the Elk Lake Loop. Both routes are marked and rejoin at tiny Summit Lake for the final kilometre westward to Elk Lake Hut. For the best hiking route to the hut, turn right.

See the Sunshine Coast Trail Guidebook for more detailed information.

Elk Lake is a beautiful summer hike – with a dock for a refreshing dip when you get to the top of the hill!
Elk Lake is a beautiful summer hike – with a dock for a refreshing dip when you get to the top of the hill!