Rieveley Pond Hut was built by PRPAWS and the BOMB Squad. It is located very close to the edge of the pond it is named after, and some of us have considered renaming it Frog Chorus Hut – and when you visit you will know why! Approach silently.

As represented in the photo above, Rieveley Pond Hut is an open shelter with main floor enclosed on 3 walls, with a sleeping loft up top. It makes a lovely day-hike destination from the Appleton Canyon Trail or Marathon Trail.

Rieveley Pond Hut At-A-Glance

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  • Open shelter
  • Outhouse, picnic table, fire pit, sleeping loft

To show just how much this hut was needed, while it was being constructed, the work crew showed up one morning after an unexpected late spring snowfall to find two hikers sleeping in the almost-finished loft!

Why you should go

Easy access for families, even those with small children (see below); sits on the shore of beautiful Rieveley’s Pond, which is more like a small lake, and home to a chorus of vocal frogs; has a great fire pit, which makes it a nice spot to visit in the winter; is very close to the start of beautiful Appleton Canyon Trail, a local favourite, which features numerous waterfalls and old growth trees.

How to get there

For a day trip you can access Rieveley’s Pond Hut by driving up Wilde/Tomkinson Road for about 2 km until you notice the well-signed Theodosia FSR Br.10 turning off to the left, just past the hamlet and a fenced gravel pit. Br.10 can be navigated with a high-clearance vehicle. Follow the road uphill for about 3 km until you reach a crest in the road with a wide pullout on your right. The SCT crosses here and Rieveley’s Pond Hut is half an hour off to your right.

For a one-way hike of Appleton Canyon Trail, bring two vehicles and park one at the Appleton Canyon Trailhead, and another at Br.10, as described above.

See the Sunshine Coast Trail Guidebook for more detailed information.

Appleton Canyon Waterfall
If you access the trail via Appleton Canyon, you will see gorgeous waterfalls along the way.