Walt Hill Hut was built by qPAWS during the summer of 2012. The site overlooks Horseshoe Valley with its chain of connected lakes that form the Powell Forest Canoe Route — a spectacular view on a clear day! An old growth yellow cedar forest surrounds this high elevation location. Scrumptious blueberries.

Walt Hill Hut At-A-Glance

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  • Fully enclosed, winterized cabin
  • Outhouse, picnic tables

How to get there

From the junction of Wharf Street and Marine Avenue drive south on Highway 101 to Duck Lake Forest Service Road 3477 Br.1 just beyond the Myrtle Point Golf Course. Turn left onto the improved road and drive north until you reach Duck Lake. At the south end of the lake turn right and cross over Lang Creek bridge. Make your way along the south shore of Duck Lake for 2.7 km until you reach Burma Junction. Bear right for another 2.8 km to Burma/Granite Lake Junction (N 49°50.587′, W 124°22.710′). Turn left and four-wheel uphill for about 400 m and turn right at the second junction. This side road was called Br.21 historically. A few hundred metres along you will notice a new logging road being built off to your right. Look for a parking pullout just beyond there.

From the logging show on, Br.21 gets really gnarly, resembling a creek bed rather than a road, and so it’s highly recommended to park and continue on foot from here. Carry on straight past this new logging. Keep an eye out for the occasional red diamond-shaped markers and the signage directing you toward Walt Hill. Ignore the other old logging roads turning off from time to time.

Within about an hour you will reach a T-junction. A right turn would take you into the Suicide Pass section of the SCT, a quick summertime approach. Meanwhile, for winter access, the left turn leads you up close to the top of Walt Hill in about another hour. Where the old road begins to level out continue to pay attention to the right (east) side of the road. After passing an old quarry you will notice that the road – still fairly level – runs parallel to a small creek. In a few more minutes you will spot the access trail to Walt Hill Hut. This trail takes you down across Walt Creek and in about 15 minutes you will reach the Walt Hill section of the SCT. The hut is not up at the summit, so you must turn right, descending just a little, and in another 15 minutes you will reach your destination, up on Pentstemon Bluff overlooking Horseshoe Valley.

Please consider that when snowshoeing travel times will be slower than the times mentioned in this description. Allow for double the time.

See the Sunshine Coast Trail Guidebook for more detailed information.

Beautiful views abound on the way to Walt Hill Hut.
Beautiful views abound on the way to Walt Hill Hut.