Getting on and off the Sunshine Coast Trail can be a challenge… especially for out of town visitors.

Most of the trail is located in a remote area that is only accessible by dirt/gravel roads that are best accessed by four-wheel drive vehicles. Towing charges can be very expensive.

While theft from vehicles parked at trail access points is not common, it is a possibility to consider when making your plans.

Many roads are actively used for logging and are dangerous to use for any vehicle during active logging hours (generally 6am-6pm, Monday-Friday, but sometimes on weekends as well.) Private logging companies also operate during weekends on occasion. A locally programmed/permitted radio and knowledge how to use it are essential for entering any Forest Service Roads (FSRs) at any time. There are also 2 main private channels that are NOT Resource Road (RR) channels, which must be used on Goat Main FSR, and Stillwater Main FSR (Western Forest Products).

To avoid these challenges, consider using a reliable shuttle service.

Shuttle Services

Sunshine Coast Shuttle (SCS) is deeply rooted in Powell River and the northern Sunshine Coast (qathet) area of British Columbia. They offer a fleet of 4X4 vehicles to provide the following services to those interested in hiking and exploring remote areas of the Sunshine Coast:

  • Shuttle services
  • Resupply services
  • Basic outdoor outfitting

The Sunshine Coast Shuttle’s first priority is to its guests. Their reputation has been built on many years of insuring that guests get on and off the trail safely and conveniently and that guest’s overall experience on the SCT is awesome. The Shuttle also prides itself on using local resources and giving back to the local community.

Contact at +1-604-483-6374 or

Note: Sunshine Coast Shuttle provides a 10% discount on its services to individuals and groups that donate $100 or more to qPAWS.