qathet Parks And Wilderness Society (qPAWS) Constitution (1992).

The purposes of the society are:

  • to establish accessible parks and wilderness areas in the Powell River district, with linking corridors where possible;
  • to protect old growth in a variety of settings;
  • to promote recreation and tourism in these areas through publicity and education;
  • to work through appropriate agencies;
  • to encourage public participation in the establishment, development, and maintenance of protected areas;
  • to promote social comradeship through a common interest in outdoor activities;
  • to stimulate and further interest in activities such as hiking, canoeing, walking and the observation and study of the natural environment; and to help protect our natural heritage for this and future generations.

qPAWS bylaws are the British Columbia Society Act Schedule B. In 2022, the name of the society was changed from “Powell River” to “qathet”.