Troubridge hut is a masterwork Douglas-fir log cabin lying in a bowl beside Jocelyn Pond and below the summit of Mount Troubridge (1300m elevation). Mount Troubridge is crowned by the greatest expanse of old growth forest along the Sunshine Coast Trail. The summit offers views of Jervis Inlet, the Lower Sunshine Coast and islands of the Salish Sea.

Your trip to the Troubridge hut will be a highlight of your Sunshine Coast Trail experience!

Troubridge Hut At-A-Glance

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  • Fully winterized cabin
  • Outhouse, picnic tables, fire pit, full cabin, swimming dock

Why you should go

The trail to the hut passes through spectacular territory, including Elephant Lake on the north side and bluffs with magnificent views on the south side.

How to get there

The quickest way to get to Mount Troubridge Hut in the summer is to start up Stillwater Main south of Eagle River Bridge, as described in detail on pp. 93-4 of the West Mount Troubridge trail description. Head inland to Lois Main for almost 1 km, then turn right on Lois Main, crossing Canoe Main until you reach Br.41 Junction. Keep on Br.41 for about 6 km to Elephant Lake spur and park here.

Hike in to Elephant Lake and about 300 m past tiny Elephant Creek you will come to Elephant OGMA Junction. Turn right and hike about 3 km gradually uphill. Turn left at Rim Junction for 100 m, then southeast past the mud pond for another 100 m. Here you will find the beautiful Mount Troubridge Hut.

See the Sunshine Coast Trail Guidebook for more detailed information.

Mount Troubridge Hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail
Mount Troubridge Hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail