Sunshine Coast Trail Passport - Hut to Hut Hiking

Do you have your Sunshine Coast Trail Passport?

Note: The pandemic has caused us to put a pause on the SCT Passport program. We aim to have it reimplemented for the 2023 season.

Launched in December 2013, the SCT Passport enables hikers to collect unique stamps for each of the huts on the Sunshine Coast Trail that they visit. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hiker purchases a SCT Passport for $5 at Tourism Powell River or one of the participating businesses (see below).
  2. Hiker goes hiking on the Sunshine Coast Trail and visits one of the 12 huts along the trail.
  3. Hiker takes a selfie, or has a friend take a photo of him/her, with the hut in the background.
  4. Hiker returns to Powell River, and takes their photo and the passport to the appropriate business (each hut is linked to a specific business – see details below) to receive that hut’s UNIQUE stamp.
    Hiker returns to Powell River, and takes their photo and passport to Tourism Powell River where they can also receive a stamp (but it will be a generic stamp rather than the unique one, which only the appropriate business will have).
  5. Once the hiker has visited all the huts and received all their stamps they visit Tourism Powell River to receive their CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, one final stamp on their passport and entry into a draw for some great local prizes.
Family with SCT passport

Thank you to our Passport Sponsors!

Please visit these businesses for your unique hut stamps, as you complete them (as described above). Eg. The Lund Hotel is the holder of the unique Manzanita Bluff Hut stamp — please visit the Lund Hotel once you have taken a photo of yourself at the Manzanita Hut to collect your unique stamp… click on the icons below for more information about why you should visit each hut, and the sponsors: