Fairview Bay Hut was the first to be built in the fall of 2009, and is the prototype for all the other shelters on the Sunshine Coast Trail. In the summer of 2014 renovations were made to completely enclose this hut and add a covered porch. It’s a beautiful destination for a day hike, and a great spot to camp overnight.

A two-hour shoreline hike from the Saltery Bay ferry terminal, this shelter can also serve those paddling the BC Marine Trail. It is located in a beautiful, serene spot with a magnificent ocean view. A nearby sandy beach makes a good location for swimming on hot days. Oysters can be found on the beach in season. Be aware of red tide blooms.

Fairview Bay Hut At-A-Glance

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  • Fully enclosed shelter
  • Outhouse, picnic tables, fire pit, sleeping loft, beach, covered porch

Why you should go

Fairview Bay Hut is the southern-most hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail, a 2-hour hike in from the Saltery Bay Ferry Terminal. It is located close to the ocean, and makes a great day hike (with swim in summer time). The Fairview Bay Trail out to this hut affords beautiful ocean views.

How to get there

Park at the new Saltery Bay SCT trailhead parking lot 200 m east of the ferry terminal and have a look at the map and other information in the kiosk. Begin your hike by taking the first fork inland to the right, and then another right that takes you down to the mouth of Saltery Creek and the wooden footbridge across it.

The trail junction will take you either out to Honeysuckle Harbour Point, a five-minute walk, or up the Escalator and down the other side to Pirates Cove on the way to Fairview Bay. You’ll travel over a stretch of pole line road to the Towers, and then carry on through the oceanside OGMA trail by way of Ahlstrom Bench. Two hours after starting you will reach Fairview Bay Hut (N 49°47.387′, W 124°07.310′), set in a clearing that opens up to the bay. This is the very first of the huts that qPAWS built back in 2009. It served as a prototype for all the other huts that were built afterwards.

See the Sunshine Coast Trail Guidebook for more detailed information.

*Note! The Fairview Bay Hut is the only one that is also accessible by water — want to kayak there? Get in touch with this hut’s sponsor Footprint Nature Explorations.

Fairview Bay bench
Fairview Bay bench