There is an abundance of natural life that you will experience as you hike the Sunshine Coast Trail.

Some of the interesting flowers and plants you may encounter along the trail:

The non-green plants like Orchids (small), Coral roots, Indian Pipes (5 -25 cm) and other relatives pop up fast from the shaded humus of mature forests. They get nutrients via fungi from the roots of nearby conifers.

Manzanita (little apple — Spanish) bushes are found on sunny bluffs near the ocean. These dense chaparral shrubs (1-2 M) are related to the Arbutus trees and have similar pealing red bark, jugged shaped flower in clusters and woody berries. The greyish-green leaves are 2-5 cm long.

Tiger Lilies, Death Camus, Chocolate Lily, Nodding Onions and many other lilies grow along the SCT.

There are several kinds of purple and pink Penstemons with snap dragon shaped flowers. They are most common on exposed rocky areas. Those on Tin Hat Mountain are shrubby and grown in dense mats.

Berries: Salmonberries and Blackberries are common in this area, and you will find them aplenty during the summer months, especially in areas that are lower altitude and exposed to the sun. Be bear aware in these areas, as they are favourite hangouts for our furry friends! Blueberries and Juniper Berries are common in the higher climbs; know what you are looking for, and any of these can provide a tasty snack!