Georgia Strait: 10 amazing sights awaiting hikers on the Sunshine Coast Trail in B.C.

Mountains and low lying fog

The Sunshine Coast Trail is getting a lot of love this month! Check out this story (with photos) in the Georgia Strait by Stephen Hui!

“Nine days into our 10-day, 178-kilometre journey on the Sunshine Coast Trail, I ran out of toilet paper. But there was no way I could hold it until the next outhouse at Rainy Day Lake, so a corner of the Powell River recreation map was sacrificed for the cause.

While the SCT isn’t as difficult as the North Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, which took me six days to backpack in August, it offers its own special set of challenges. Traversing B.C.’s Upper Sunshine Coast from Sarah Point on Desolation Sound to Saltery Bay on Jervis Inlet, the SCT offers no beach hiking, climbs up and over a few mountains, and covers three times as much distance as the NCT.

It’s largely a forest trail—one that visits old-growth groves, clear-cuts, and everything in between. Eleven huts provide shelter along the way, so hikers can plan to spend all but two nights under their roofs. Hotels in the city of Powell River, which is a good place to resupply, often profit from one of the remaining nights, while the other typically involves tent camping near Lois Lake…”