Marathon Shuffle 2012 participants at the start
April 29, 2012 start photo

Marathon Shuffle 2012 – 130 starters (70 full / 50 half/other)

The 19th annual Marathon Shuffle brought out the participants in droves. This year a record number of 130 participants braved a dampish marine cloud that had lowered itself over Powell Lake and environs. But what was misty in the morning turned into bright sunshine in the afternoon. The Shuffle, an increasingly popular rite of spring hosted by the Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society (1992) and their friends, is a hike or a run on a 29-kilometre long section of the Sunshine Coast Trail from Malaspina Road near Lund to the Shingle Mill pub and bistro on Powell Lake. A Half Shuffle from Wilde/Tomkinson roads is also becoming a favourite with the crowds.

More than thirty people came from out of town, some from Vancouver Island, many from the Lower Mainland, but some as far away as Prince George and Canmore, Alberta to enjoy the local amenities for the weekend. A good many of them were members of Club Fat Ass, which has supported the event for a good many years, and helps promote it with the running fraternity outside of Powell River.

As in previous years the month leading up to the Shuffle was a busy one for the maintenance crews that spent approximately 250 man-hours teasing the route into shape. After two late winter storms a fair number of trees had been blown over and needed to be bucked and moved off the trail. Then the salal whackers went to work and groomed the trail so that wet branches and fronds would not touch the legs and shoes of the athletes to help keep their feet dry. More red metal squares were added this year to ensure folks could always see the next marker ahead. At junctions more signage was put up, and orange arrows were sprayed on the ground to take the guesswork out of which way to go.

Now folks can simply head out to Malaspina Road and do a Shuffle at their own leisure, or up Wilde Road to do the less strenuous, but no less equally beautiful Half Shuffle along the Sliammon Lakes and over panoramic Scout Mountain. We received many positive comments after the event. We do appreciate getting constructive feedback that helps us improve as we strive to become a world-class destination.

A Thank You ad will be published separately in the Powell River Peak newspaper, a gesture of PRPAWS’ sincere appreciation of the many volunteers and donors who helped make this year’s Shuffle the record-smashing success that it was.

The top three male and female finishers were:

  • Chris Bratseth (Powell River) 2:54:46 (new record – male)
  • Nadine Butler (Terrace) 3:04:50 (new record – female)
  • Stephanie Smith (Richmond) 3:06:09
  • Carlie Smith (Vancouver) 3:10:02
  • Alston Miller (Powell River) 3:20:10
  • Sawyer Gowan (Powell River) 3:26:07 (new record – 19 and under)

Numerous participants also set new personal bests.

And many of the folks who were out for a Sunday hike to take pictures of spring unfolding found orchids, birds, frogs and many other interesting subjects along the way. It was a great day to take in the smells, sounds, sights, and for some, the touches and tastes of what the pioneers called “the jungles”.

For later this August we have begun exploring the feasibility of hosting a low-key relay that will stretch the length of the Sunshine Coast Trail from Sarah Point in Desolation Sound to Saltery Bay at the mouth of Jervis Inlet, 180 km of coastal terrain. At this point we are talking about teams of six, with each leg being roughly 30 km long, but we are still in the musing stages, and don’t know whether there would be any interest in participating in such an event. If you are interested let the conversation begin.

Please let us know if you find any mistakes, wrong times, distances, misspelled names, etc.

Bib #NameEventAge GroupSexTime
126Chris BratsethFull30-39M2:54:46
28Nadene ButlerFull30-39F3:04:50
109Stephanie SmithFull30-39F3:06:09
5Carlie SmithFull30-39F3:10:02
34Marc SchmitzFull30-39M3:10:02
122Alston MillerFull40-49M3:20:10
53Sawyer GowansFull19-youngerM3:26:07
100Steve GouldFull50-59M3:27:22
102Bryon FadorFull40-49M3:29:58
68Sandy HollowayFull30-39F3:31:54
131Anamieke TatarynFull20-29F3:33:30
13Pat WalshFull50-59M3:42:23
111Shelley ArmitageFull30-39F3:44:03
4Melanie SullivanFull30-39F3:54:30
85Jonathan van WiltenburgFull30-39M3:58:18
9Joseph McLeanFull30-39M3:58:47
57Marie BoucherFull40-49F3:59:45
23Gail ForshawFull60-69F3:59:45
16Ean JacksonFull50-59M4:01:31
8Valda SmithFull50-59F4:05:17
29Troy ButlerFull40-49M4:06:30
78Milo BookoutFull30-39M4:09:35
87Megan McAllisterFull40-49F4:14:54
3Howard CannatellaFull50-59M4:30:05
94Spencer CrowterFull19-youngerM4:40:59
59Maria WeinheimerFull40-49F4:44:32
14Carrie WalshFull50-59F4:44:32
58Chad AllenFull40-49M4:44:32
19Ana Clara Maria ArantesFull20-29F4:46:16
12Trisha RogersFull40-49F4:46:20
98Jon WescottFull40-49M4:49:02
101Shannon BehanFull40-49F4:52:11
127Robert DevlinFull20-29M5:24:00
63Jon YoungFull60-69M5:24:27
123Alex CombeFull60-69M5:30:49
88Jill BrewerFull60-69F5:31:23
128Margaret ReckenbergFull60-69F5:31:23
97Susan OlsenFull50-59F5:32:09
39Karin BurnikellFull30-39F5:38:46
38Victor SarnowskiFull50-59M5:45:36
42Silke PfeiferFull40-49F5:53:00
70Lori JensenFull50-59F5:53:28
96Ron SellersFull60-69M6:04:50
89Rudi van ZwaaijFull50-59M6:09:08
120Charlotte StylesFull70 betterF6:17:29
35Wanda GriffloenFull40-49F6:33:12
10Wendy ThomasFull50-59F6:33:30
112Heather AndersonFull30-39F6:43:11
114Christine DudgeonFull50-59F6:53:54
115Graham DudgeonFull40-49M6:53:54
132Ellen GouldFull50-59F6:56:07
66Mardi LavertuFull50-59F6:56:07
130Shirley ZylstraFull50-59F7:03:34
40Ann InnesFull70-betterF7:12:08
36Brenda HeatleyFull40-49F7:23:04
47Marian DeVitaFull40-49F7:23:04
17Barbara CooperFull50-59F7:23:04
49Wendy MannFull50-59F7:31:50
71Sue GaudetFull60-69F7:31:51
81Shelley CraigenFull50-59F7:31:52
80Heather HagenFull40-49F7:31:58
72Chris GaudetFull60-69M7:31:58
15Phil KempFull70-betterM7:40:33
124Alison KempFull30-39F7:41:03
125Nicole LanzonFull30-39F7:41:03
121Christina MillsFull50-59F7:45:52
74Emily WalzFull20-29F9:02:00
75Zoe PeltonFull20-29F9:02:00
76Andrew ParkerFull20-29M9:02:00
6Francois CarpentierFull30-39M9:02:00
99Grace KlassenHalf40-49F1:48:18
105Lisa SkinnerHalf40-49F1:57:17
137Alan WalkerHalf50-59M2:15:35
43Maureen ParsonsHalf50-59F2:17:38
62George SmithHalf50-59M2:17:41
45Rose TempleHalf40-49F2:20:18
77Cindy ColeHalf40-49F2:20:18
83 (1)Erik JacksonHalf19-youngerM2:26:16
140Kyle BeerHalf20-29M2:31:14
91Kazuko MiyakawaHalf20-29F2:43:09
24Justine PowellHalf40-49M2:43:14
25David DicksonHalf40-49M2:43:14
107Tommy PfeiferHalf19-youngerM2:49:12
110Volker PfeiferHalf50-59M2:49:12
54Laura BeerHalf19-youngerF2:49:29
56Janet ChinnHalf50-59F3:02:12
H6Elsie ParsonsHalf60-69F3:02:12
37Sibylle TinselHalf40-49F3:06:44
95Dorothy CrowterHalf50-59F3:06:44
30Raymond HoganHalf60-69M3:28:47
33Robin MorrisonHalf50-59F3:28:47
82 (2)Johanna JacksonHalf19-youngerF3:31:44
84 (3)Sarah SadlerHalf19-youngerF3:31:53
116Susan HillHalf50-59F3:32:49
108Marianne SmiskoHalf60-69F3:32:52
41Susan DarkeHalf60-69F3:35:05
106Brenda AllanHalf50-59F4:14:54
11Terry FaubertHalf60-69F4:21:01
113Nick AndersonHalf30-39M5:05:31
141Krista CawleyHalf19-youngerF5:06:41
142Ken CawleyHalf50-59M5:06:41
117Leslie ThorsellHalf50-59F5:07:26
118Toni MarcinaikHalf50-59M5:07:26
69Sally KubanyHalf50-59F5:45:01
73Walter KubanyHalf70-betterM5:45:04
86Jenna AdemaHalf30-39F5:45:09
67Nell DragovanHalf60-69FCustom
104Shelley AndersonHalf50-59FCustom
60Tori KlassenHalf40-49FCustom
31Margaret Burnett50-59FCustom
32Gerrimae Sepkowski40-49FCustom
61Josh Stromsten19-youngerMCustom
90William Langlands50-59MCustom
92Emma Larocque30-39FCustom
93Matt Larocque40-49MCustom
103Carol Sellers60-69FCustom
119Roberta Villeneuve50-59FCustom
133Allan McMordie60-69MCustom
134Doug Brown50-59FCustom
50Eagle Walz60-69MSwept